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Do you suspect that water is leaking somewhere in your home? It’s important to detect the source of the leak and fix it as soon as possible to prevent damage to your home. Often, the leak is not easily found and can be hidden under sinks, in walls, or in floors. The experts at Wilson Plumbing & Heating can help if you have a leak in your Northeastern Ohio home.

With 60 years of experience, our team of extensively trained technicians is fully prepared to find the source of your leak and provide the appropriate fix. It’s important to reach out to a professional as soon as possible, as waiting can only lead to further damage and more expensive repairs.

Don’t hesitate to call our Akron water leak plumbers at (330) 400-3334. We offer 24/7 emergency services in Canton, Cleveland, and the surrounding areas as well.

DIY Test for Leaks

Here are some steps for looking for leaks before you give us a call.

Check your water meter

The easiest way to check if you have a leak is to look at your water meter, normally located outside your home. If you don’t know where it is, call your local utility department and they can help you. When you check the meter, make sure no one is using water in your home. Then view the leak indicator dial on the water meter that indicates a leak is occurring. If you see movement, it is likely you have a leak somewhere.

To do further testing, write down the time that you took the reading. Then wait and take another reading again in a couple of hours. A change in the reading will indicate a leak as long as no water is used in your home during that time.

Determine if the leak is indoors or outdoors

Turn off the main water valve in your home. Normally this is in your basement or garage, or sometimes outside by an outdoor water faucet. Then check the water meter and leak indicator again, making sure that no one uses water inside or outside your home during the test. If the leak indicator stops moving or the meter readings don’t change, the leak is inside your home. If the movement continues, the leak is somewhere between your home and the water meter.

Common Areas for Leaks

The most common areas for leaks inside your homes and the common reasons they start leaking are:

  • Faucets. Leaky faucets are usually caused by worn washers, which you can replace yourself with the right tools. Visit your local home center for tools to repair the faucet yourself or call us for help.
  • Toilets. Toilet leaks are among the most unnoticed leaks, but they can waste thousands of gallons of water every year. They are normally easy to fix. To check if you have a leak, put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. Check back in half an hour. If any of the coloring is in the toilet bowl, you have a leak. Most toilet leaks can be fixed with a new flapper or flush handle, available at your local hardware store.
  • Pipes. A leak in a pipe can be difficult to detect. Follow the line of water back to its source. If that’s not possible, look for wet, discolored or warped areas that can indicate a leak. It’s best to leave pipe repairs to the professional team at Wilson Plumbing & Heating.

Call our Akron plumbers today at (330) 400-3334 to schedule a repair. We have over 60 years of experience repairing leaks for homeowners and business owners like you.

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