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Electrical Installation

EV Charging Station Installation

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, having a convenient, reliable charging station at home is essential. Wilson specializes in the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, offering expert services to ensure your system is efficient and compliant with all local codes. Our licensed electricians handle every aspect of the installation, from initial planning and wiring to the final setup, ensuring that your charging station meets your specific needs while maximizing safety and efficiency.

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Well EV Charging Station Installation Service Area

Discover Wilson's specialized EV charging station installation services available throughout Northeast Ohio, serving Akron, Cleveland, Canton, and neighboring areas. Trust our experienced technicians to expertly install EV charging stations at your home, providing convenient and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles


Providing Akron, Cleveland, and Canton with Expert EV Charging Station Installation

We are proud to offer expert electric vehicle (EV) charging station installations, catering to the growing demand for sustainable transportation options. Our certified electricians are equipped with the latest technology and training to ensure that your EV charging station is installed with precision and care.

Wilson Gets EV Chargers Done Right

EV Charging Stations

Why Proper Installation of EV Charging Stations Matters

Proper installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is crucial for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it ensures safety by reducing the risk of electrical hazards such as shorts or overloads, which could lead to fire incidents or damage to the vehicle and property. Secondly, a correctly installed EV charging station operates more efficiently, providing optimal charging speeds and better energy management, which can prolong the battery life of your electric vehicle.

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With over six decades of industry-leading experience, Wilson is committed to delivering unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team of professionals goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations, offering personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. From plumbing and HVAC to electrical and water quality services, Wilson sets the standard for excellence in home care.

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