The Woodside

This is a very compact "wraparound" design almost "U shaped" supplying heat to a baseboard system. We place the "Taco" air separator expansion tank the backflow prevent and pressure reducing at the rear, and behind the boiler on the way to the "Taco" zone valve supply manifold which comes forward on the right side of the boiler, still above the boiler jacket. 

We place the return manifold, complete with ball valves and boiler drain air bleeders on the left side of the boiler as close to the boiler as possible. 

This design is complete when used with a Taco 700-2 Reset Control to modulate boiler temperature with outdoor temperature. 

Sometimes, it is simply not possible to install a 96% efficient condensing boiler allows us to get a little more system efficiency and comfort in the living space and of an 82% efficient boiler.