The Storer

The Storer presents two interesting situations for a installer and it is a situation which happens often enough in the boiler replacement business. 

The first is a "header" situation and the second is a return line situation. Let's deal with the first issue which sets apart the "Storer" design.

There are times, for a number of reasons, when it is simply necessary to leave the existing header in place. It's design may be improper for the new boiler, but it can't be removed. In the "Storer" design the header has 2 fuels to the system supply main's leaving the header and an equalizer off the left ed of the header which ties in the bottom of the boiler. The original coal boiler had 2 supplies tied into the header but since the flew of steam was it was best to use of as it was. 

The Storer design was a proper was the new boiler with one takeoff to the old header and a properly sizer equalizer connected to the bottom of the boiler with the hartford loop 2' boiler the water line on the equalizer. 

The old header dimply manifold of parts disturbingly to the 3 steam mains. The equalizer from the old header simply a clump, connected to the wet return line coming back to the wet return line coming back to the "boiler".

The second situation calls for the wet return line to be lowered below the boiler water line and the ends of the supply and return drops to the lowered so that they do not home thoughtful lines until they are better the boiler water line.