The Larchmont

"The Larchmont" design features a 90 degree angle manifold piping system with 5 zones. 

Primary/Secondary piping. 

Supply side pump zoning using Taco 007 pumps. 

 Flo controls for each zone. 

Taco SR-EXP control system. 

Taco PC 700 outdoor reset. 

Taco low water cutoff. 

Systems designed for services isolating walves for all pump controls. 

Barometric damper. 

Supply side pumping and return venting valves. 

The 90 degree angle design allows us to tuck the boiler into a corner for an attractive, compact look but still plenty of room for service of the boiler, pumps and controls. 

The primary/secondary design on the piping and the addition of a boiler loop pump helps protect the boiler against condensation in the flue passages, especially when only one zone is calling for heat or water from a far reaching zone returns to the boiler. 

The pump zoning for each zone provides rapid response for each zone when a thermostat calls for heat. 

Flo controls on the supply lines for each zone prevent gravity flow in zones not calling for heat. 

The SR-EXP Taco control box provides an efficient, tidy, neat and attractive look for the wiring. 

The "EXP" feature allows for expansion of the system in the case of additions or future zones. 

The Taco PC 700 indoor/outdoor reset control installed in conjunction with the Taco SR-EXP allows for modulation of boiler water temperature according to the outside temperature. It is an energy saving feature that provides fuel saving since only the water temperature needed for each zone is provided. It also provides warm weather shutdown, turning off the boiler when it is warm outside. 

The Taco low water cutoff protects the boiler should a leak ever develop on radiators under the boiler water line. 

The barometric damper, replacing the inefficient draft hood, "connects" the boiler to the chimney. The damper forces, in a sense, air for combustion through the primary air mixers on the main burners. Combustion analysis shows improved readings in the products of combustion (CO, CO2, O2) when barometer dampers are used.