Steam heat

Although Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is a full-service plumbing company, the core of our business has always been boilers.  We are proud to be recognized as the authority on steam boilers in the Greater Akron area and to have worked with hundreds of commercial properties including Stan Hywet, St. Bernard’s, St. Mary's Church and School as well as thousands of homes from Canton to Cleveland and everything in between.  Akron has a huge proportion of steam heating systems and if your home or building is one of the many, then please rely on our extensive expertise to help with the care of your heating system. 

We are the experts in our field because of our training, research, years of experience in the field and, of course, Paul Wilson.  Paul has been working on steam boilers and steam systems for the last 50 years and has fallen in love with the lost art of steam heating.  He has devoted himself to the mastery of the subject and is "Akron's Boilerman".

If you do have a steam system and would like us to lend our years of experience to assist you in keeping your home or building warm, give us a call!  While we are there we can teach you all about your steam system and even look to see if it can be converted to a High Efficiency Water System.


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