Steam Boiler Tune-Ups

Steam boiler systems are our specialty at Wilson Plumbing and Heating, Inc. We are happy to help you maintain these long-lasting systems. Dependable as they are, they must still be annually serviced for top performance. We are the pros with the most steam boiler experience in northeastern Ohio, and you can trust us to know everything about your steam boiler system.

It’s smart to check the water level gauge, pressure level gauge, and safety valve yourself on a regular basis. But for a thorough steam boiler system evaluation, you can rely on our highly trained technicians who will seek out problems before they begin.

Boiler tune-ups are an art since each system is so unique. You can count on us to always inspect your system for three main defects:

  1. Carbon monoxide leaks, which can be life-threatening

  2. Blocks or system malfunctions which are causing a loss of efficiency and wasting your money

  3. Any potential issues that can cause emergency breakdowns, which may leave you in the cold on a freezing winter evening

We will perform checks like these in our annual steam boiler tune-up:

  • Check controls and gauges

  • Inspect and adjust the burner

  • Make sure the chimney and flues are completely open

  • Inspect the gas or oil lines

  • Adjust the steam pressure as needed

  • Ensure that vents are unobstructed to allow steam to fill the radiator

  • Ensure that all vents are pointing straight up to prevent leaks

  • Visit all rooms to check for proper heating and insulation

  • Test shutoff valves for proper operation

  • Remove any mineral deposits

A yearly tune-up is important for several reasons. If you ever have a crack in your fuel line or heat exchanger, toxic gases like carbon monoxide could enter your home and put your health or life at risk. We know how to look for these potentially dangerous situations to keep you and your family safe.

Another reason annual boiler tune-ups are important is because issues with the system can stack up over time if left unchecked. Then you may face additional expenses to replace the system, which might have been prevented with an annual tune-up.

If we find major issues during an annual tune-up, we can meet with you to discuss repair and replacement options. But you’ll be better prepared and more informed about your system if you keep a regular maintenance schedule.

For steam boiler tune-ups, it’s best to schedule them when your boiler isn’t in high demand, such as in spring or summer. If it’s been a while since you had an inspection and you want to head off any potential problems in the winter, make sure to give us a call. We’ll be glad to give you the peace of mind that a steam boiler tune-up can offer.