Steam Boiler Replacement

At Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we are proud to be recognized as the Greater Akron area authority on steam boilers. We have worked with boilers on hundreds of commercial properties and thousands of homes from Canton to Cleveland and every town in between.

Akron area homes and businesses feature a high proportion of steam heating systems. If your home or business is one of the many examples, you can rely on our extensive expertise to help with the care of your steam heating system.

Our very own expert, Paul Wilson, has worked on steam boilers and steam systems for the past 50 years. His passion for the lost art of steam heating has earned him the title “Akron’s Boilerman.” Paul has shared his training, research, and field knowledge with our other technicians. You can be certain that when you need service or replacement on your steam heating system, a trusted and experienced technician will be ready to help.

Steam boiler systems are a unique marker of our community history, and our technicians at Wilson Plumbing & Heating work to keep these systems running smoothly. 

How a Steam Heating System Works

A steam boiler heats water using the power from a burner fueled by gas or oil. The pressure in the boiler unit pushes the steam through pipes to radiators, which emanate heat throughout a room. The steam turns back into water as it cools, then it is sent back through the pipes to the boiler to be reheated into steam.

Advantages of a Steam Heating System

Steam heating systems are relatively reliable and long-lasting because they have few moving parts, unlike newer heating systems that are more complicated. Steam heat is ideal for individuals with environmental allergies, because they operate without stirring up dust like newer heating systems.

For a historic home or older building, a steam boiler is a way to stay true to the original building plans and overall ambiance. Also, steam heating systems are a cost-effective option for large-scale commercial buildings like apartment complexes and hotels.

How to know if you need a system replacement

Since we have years of experience working with steam boiler systems, we know when your system may be ready for replacement. Here are signs that you may be ready for a new system:

  • Your system is not providing sufficient heat despite regular maintenance.

  • You want a higher rate of efficiency—we may be able to convert your existing system to a High Efficiency Water System.

  • You want a heating system that is virtually maintenance-free.

  • You want a quieter system. Steam boiler systems are known for their banging and hissing sounds as the steam passes through the pipes and valves.

We can install a replacement system that will stay true to the historic structure of your home or business.

If you have a steam system and you’re unsure about replacement, call us at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. so we can offer our years of expertise to help you consider your options.