Steam Boiler Repair

Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is well-known for our service capabilities on steam boiler systems. You can trust your steam boiler system to our years of experience and specialized knowledge.

Steam boiler systems need regular maintenance due to the dependence upon consistent air pressure for steam production. Although it’s rare for a steam boiler system to break down completely, your system may need a thorough inspection when it’s not producing enough heat. Make sure to call us for an appointment so our technicians can fix the problem right away.

How to Know When Your Steam Boiler System Needs Repair

Steam boiler systems are known for being long-lasting. An average system lasts 30 years or more. If your home or business has a very old system, we can work with you to replace parts of the existing system.

Steam boilers are more temperamental to deal with than hot water boilers. They rely on air pressure, which must be constantly regulated for heat to flow properly. If there are any problems with the heating element, the water will not reach the temperature to create steam, and no heat will reach the rooms.

Older steam boiler systems typically feature a one-pipe construction, because they were easier and less expensive to construct. A one-pipe system can provide sufficient heat for relatively small spaces. If you have added on to your home or structure, your system may not be producing enough steam to heat the new additions. Your system may need repair or additional pipes for sufficient heat.

A steam boiler system is dependent upon a series of air valves and vents. If any of the valves lose operation, or any of the vents become blocked, heat won’t reach your rooms. Our technicians can adjust the steam flow rate so that all radiators produce the right amount of heat for each room.

Your system is equipped with safety measures that shut the fuel supply down if pressure is too high or if the water level is too low. If your system consistently fails due to improper levels, our technicians can restore your system to working order.

The Services We Provide

When you call Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for a repair, you can expect us to perform these actions:

  • Inspect water levels and fuel supply.

  • Make sure exhaust is exiting properly.

  • Calibrate equipment to correct levels.

  • Flush system of mineral deposits.

  • Repair any faulty valves.

Why You Need a Professional Solution

Our technicians are well-known in the community for expert service on steam boiler systems. Our own Paul Wilson is an area expert on steam boilers and will skillfully diagnose any problem your system may be experiencing. Don’t attempt to tackle the problem yourself when a northeastern Ohio expert is just a phone call away.

If you are experiencing any issues with your steam boiler system, don’t let your frustration take over. We will provide service to your home or business whether you live in Akron, Canton, Cleveland, or any of the surrounding areas.