Sewer Line Replacement

A sewer line replacement doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you call the pros at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. We have a variety of updated solutions to fix your sewer line that may not involve digging up your yard in northeastern Ohio.

When Sewer Line Replacement is Needed

If you have an older home, especially one built earlier than the 1980s, you may eventually require sewer line replacement. Tree roots often penetrate existing lines and cause pipes to crack or break, which results in backups or clogs. Sometimes the ground settles and the pipes collapse. Either way, you’ll need a professional solution for sewer line replacement.

The traditional solution for replacing sewer lines is digging a large trench in your yard to remove broken pipes and replace them with new ones. This solution is effective, yet it can be very expensive and create damage to your property and landscaping. Fortunately, the professionals at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offer several alternative solutions for sewer line replacement.

Alternatives for Sewer Line Replacement

Don’t want a trench dug in your yard? These are the sewer line replacement alternatives that may work for your home or business in the greater Akron, Canton or Cleveland areas.

Trenchless Technology

With trenchless technology, we pull or blow a flexible, resin-coated tube through existing pipes. Then we inflate it and wait for the resin to harden, which seals all the holes and cracks in the existing pipe. This technology requires only one access point, which drastically reduces the effect on your property, as compared with traditional excavation. The new resin-coated pipe will not restrict flow and may actually increase it, solving your backup issues.

Pipe Bursting

When we use this method to fix sewer lines, we pull a new pipe through a damaged pipe while breaking up the damaged pipe and pushing it toward an exit point. We will dig a hole at the end of your lateral lines to extract the damaged pipe. This method is especially effective for fixing pipes with extensive damage and provides a long-lasting solution to your sewer line problem.

Know that if your home is located near the main sewer and has a minimum number of obstacles in the path of the lateral, traditional excavation may be the least expensive route for you. Our team of experts will recommend the best solution based on your budget and your home’s unique needs.

The Best Sewer Line Replacement Solution for You

Do you take pride in your landscape, deck, patio and other outdoor features? If these items are important to you, alternative solutions can preserve the look you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Trenchless technology and pipe bursting significantly reduce the impact to your property while providing a secure solution for your plumbing needs.

Call the experts at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to discuss the best possible sewer line replacement solution for your property and your budget. We will use our 60 years of experience in the northeastern Ohio area to offer a solution that works for you.