Ductless Systems

If you are looking for a new option for heating and cooling in your northeastern Ohio home, ductless systems may be right for you. The experts at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. can help you know if a ductless system is a wise choice for your home.

What is a ductless system?

A ductless system is based on heat pumps. A heat pump works by circulating refrigerant chemicals back and forth between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. During cold weather, the heat pump takes the heat energy from outside (yes, heat is still available in cool air) and brings it inside to warm your home. During warm weather, the heat pump moves in reverse, taking heat from the inside of your home and transferring it outdoors.

Do ductless systems perform well in winter?

Our technicians at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. can install a mini-split heat pump that is intended to work best in cold climates. It will help you feel warm and cozy even during a cold snap.

What are the benefits of a ductless system?

Here are the top four benefits you’ll experience from a ductless system.

Ductwork is not necessary.

For small homes, modern homes, or historic homes, installing contemporary ductwork can be a burden. The piping for the refrigerant hugs the wall and can complement the aesthetic beauty of small spaces.

Ductless systems are efficient.

Since a heat pump moves heat around, rather than generating heat with plates or boilers, the energy efficiency of a ductless system is impressive. Heat pumps are powered with electricity, which can cost less than other fuels.

They allow for zoned heating and cooling.

Do you want different temperatures in different rooms? A ductless system can be calibrated to customize temperatures in each space. You can even use a smartphone app to adjust the temperatures.

They offer flexible options.

If you have an outbuilding where you need climate control, a ductless system can be a perfect solution. Also, if you plan to add on to your home, a ductless system can provide the extra HVAC you’ll need. If you have a bonus room above your garage or a room that isn’t used often, you can have better temperature control with a ductless system.

You may get a rebate.

If you are replacing an older system with an energy-efficient heat pump, you may be eligible for up to a $1,000 rebate from ENERGY STAR. Check with our team at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for more information.

Why should I choose Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. to install a ductless system?

Ductless systems have been around for a long time in Europe and some parts of the United States. However, they are relatively new to our area and not every contractor knows how to install them. You can trust the technicians at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc., who have been trained in ductless system installation.

Call us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you decide which system is best for your home.