AC Tune-up

At Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we offer annual air conditioning tune-ups to keep your unit running smoothly. An annual air conditioning tune-up can head off costly future repairs. You will have peace of mind knowing that your unit is less likely to stop working when you need it most: a sweltering hot day in Northeastern Ohio.  

Here are the main benefits to getting an annual air conditioning tune-up:

Your system will be more reliable.

Though we cannot guarantee that your system will run perfectly forever, we can provide the regular inspections and maintenance to help it have top performance. If we see any potential issues that could cause your system to malfunction on a hot summer day, we can address them when the situation isn’t pressing.

Problems are addressed before they begin.

You wouldn’t stop maintaining your vehicle with regular oil changes and inspections, would you? An aging air conditioning unit could break down with expensive repairs, just like your vehicle, if you don’t maintain it. The technicians at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. will provide a thorough inspection, fluids check, and duct work testing. They will replace any worn parts and improve insulation to boost air flow. If they notice the start of a big problem, they can make a smaller, less expensive repair now to save you big bucks later.

You’ll have a healthier home.

Air conditioning systems that aren’t maintained can put too much humidity in the air, which will cause mold growth and other problems. During our annual tune-up, we make sure your vents are flowing freely and your ducts are clean. They will calibrate the unit to correct settings, which will automatically dehumidify the cool air. Our technicians will also look for any potential refrigerant leaks, which may pose a serious health risk. The air in your home will be cleaner with regular tune-ups.

Your home will feel cooler.

If there are any problems with your thermostat, our technicians will catch and correct them upon inspection. They will also test air flow in each room of your home and make corrections as needed, so that each room feels as comfortable as possible.

What we do during a tune-up

Here’s a basic list of all the tasks we complete during a tune-up:

  • Air filter—we clean or replace it as needed

  • Blower—we test performance and inspect the belt

  • Coils—we clean the condenser coils, which boosts efficiency

  • Coolant—we check the level and look for leaks

  • Electrical wires—we repair loose wires and replace old insulation

  • Leak test—we evaluate any places where you may be losing cool air

  • Moving parts—we lubricate them and test their movements

  • System controls—we inspect the unit’s computer

  • Thermostat—we calibrate it to proper settings

It’s best to schedule your annual tune-up in early spring, before the hot weather arrives. If you’ve never had an air conditioner tune-up before, or if your system is over 10 years old, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.