The Mayfair

The Mayfair Water design is similar in almost every way to the ___ as for as the boiler installation. 

What sets is apart tis that it is a 16 zone system. I bring this design to you attention because this design is more of a system option. 

We use the same primary/secondary piping system at the boiler that we would use in any of our high efficiency system with one main system pump. We also the same Taco zone valve central systems with a ZVC-EXP box and a PC 700-2 reset control. 

What sets this system apart is that this is a design for a steam to wter conversion with as many as 15-20 radiators each controlled by their own zone valve and thermostat. 

For example, with 3 ZVC-EXP Taco control boxes wired together we can start the boiler with only one thermostat calling for heat.