High Pressure Duct System

Are you looking for a cutting-edge heating and cooling solution for new construction or your historic home? Do you want to have cleaner air and ultra-high efficiency? If so, a high pressure duct system may be the best choice for you.

What is a high pressure duct system?

A high pressure duct system works by using small tubes, which are two inches in diameter, to push conditioned air through your home. They are ideal systems for small spaces or historic homes that cannot accommodate traditional HVAC ductwork.

Only one percent of U. S. homes currently use a high pressure duct system. Yet these systems are projected to make up over five percent of the future market as more people look for energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions. The experts at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. are trained to install a high pressure duct system in your home.

What are the advantages to a high pressure duct system?

The drastically reduced size of ductwork can be a major benefit in small spaces or historic homes. A high pressure duct system’s space requirement can be over 50 percent smaller than a traditional system.

It uses a single coil and blower unit as the heating and cooling source, and it can fit in an unconditioned area like an attic, crawl space, or garage or a conditioned area like a closet.

A high pressure duct system runs more efficiently than any other HVAC system. A traditional system may leak enough air to cause a 25 percent increase in your energy bills. A high pressure duct system leaks very little air. This translates to big savings on your energy bill. You may be able to set your thermostat three or four degrees lower than normal, because the constant air movement with this type of system helps the air feel warmer.

If you want cleaner, dehumidified air, a high pressure duct system filters and removes humidity from the air as it operates. You can breathe easier with one of these systems.

This type of system is also much quieter than traditional HVAC systems. It uses technology to absorb noise and provide a quiet solution.

Since this type of system has fewer moving parts and a smaller overall system, the cost of repairs will be significantly less than with a larger, traditional HVAC system.

Are there any disadvantages to a high pressure duct system?

The main disadvantage to a high pressure duct system is the higher installation cost as compared to traditional models. But as with most energy efficient installations, the upfront cost is negligible when you consider the major savings in energy and repairs over decades of use.

How do I know if a high pressure duct system is right for my home?

If you are building a new home or looking for a heating and cooling option in your historic home, give the pros at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. a call today for a free initial assessment. We’ll help you decide whether this cutting-edge option is right for you.