Gas Line Replacement

If you need a gas line replaced in northeastern Ohio, you need help from the pros at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. We have over 60 years of experience helping customers in the Akron, Canton and Cleveland areas with their gas line needs.

Gas Line Replacement is a Job for Professionals

Gas line replacement is potentially hazardous since it deals with highly flammable materials and hazardous gases. Our technicians are trained in proper procedures to handle gas lines with expertise.

Gas lines must be properly calibrated to keep leaks from occurring, maintain the quality of the pipes and prevent explosions and property destruction. We know how to calibrate gas lines for the correct BTU levels for your needs.

You should never attempt to repair or move a gas line on your own. It’s essential to call the professionals at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. when you need a gas line replacement.

When Gas Line Replacement is Needed

How do you know when you need a new gas line? Here are some situations that warrant replacement.

New appliance installation

If you are purchasing a new gas stove, water heater, clothes dryer, fireplace or furnace, you may need to replace existing electric lines with gas lines. Gas-powered appliances are known for their efficiency and affordable power costs, and gas stoves can heat food more quickly and evenly than electric stoves. A gas furnace requires installation of several specific pipe lines that require professional guidance.

Outdoor appliance installation or relocation

If you are installing an outdoor gas grill, oven, outdoor lighting, or other gas-powered items, you will need special lines to power these items. We can install these lines for all your outdoor needs.


A rotten-egg smell or a hissing sound is your signal that a leak is occurring and must be handled immediately by professionals like the team at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Leaks can occur as pipes age and experience corrosion. Don’t hesitate to turn off electronic appliances and exit your home as soon as you suspect a gas leak!

We also offer annual inspection services to make sure that gas lines are operating properly and to repair any damage that could lead to dangerous leaks.

Installing a New Gas Line

Each gas line replacement is a unique situation that could require securing building permits, digging trenches, and working with existing ductwork. When you call us for an initial consultation, we’ll provide a custom plan and drawing for the gas line replacement along with a cost estimate for the job.

Several factors will affect the material and labor costs for your project. Depending on whether you need a natural gas or propane line, we will recommend different types of pipe with varying price points. The cost also depends on whether we need to extend an existing line or create a new line back to the source. We will draw upon our years of experience in other local jobs to form the best solution for your home or business.

We pride ourselves on high quality customer service at affordable prices for all our customers in northeastern Ohio. Give us a call today to discuss your gas line replacement needs.