Is It Time for Furnace Repair?


If your furnace isn’t working properly, Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. in Northeastern Ohio can test your system and perform furnace repair.

When the weather in Northeastern Ohio turns cold, you may suddenly realize your furnace isn’t working the way it should. If you live in the Akron, Canton, or Cleveland area, we can help you determine whether your furnace needs servicing. Before you give us a call, look for these symptoms that may indicate the need for furnace repair.

Abnormal noises

A faulty furnace may be making odd noises. Banging, screeching, or grinding noises may indicate that the blower motors are not operating properly to send heat to various areas of your home or business. Shut your furnace off and call us right away to minimize damage to your system.

Cycles are off-rhythm

If your furnace starts up, runs for a few minutes, then abruptly stops, your furnace is likely in need of repair or replacement. Short cycles may indicate that your system is unable to handle the load for your home, especially if you have added on to the original structure. They may also indicate an improper setting on the thermocouple, which regulates the combustion temperature. We can fix the issue for you.

Conversely, if your furnace runs continually with no breaks for days upon end, it may mean you have a faulty thermostat. You may also need to reinsulate your home to improve efficiency. One of our technicians will be able to help you determine the cause for continuous cycles.

Lack of sufficient heat

If your furnace seems to be cycling properly, yet you still aren’t receiving sufficient heat in certain areas of your home, you may need furnace repair. Over time, a series of malfunctions in your system may have accumulated to limit heat passage. A professional from our team will assess your situation and recommend a solution.

Your energy bill has dramatically increased

If you notice that you’re paying a lot more than you did last month, or even compared to the same month last year, your furnace’s efficiency may have been compromised. A furnace in need of repair consumes much more energy than a furnace in normal operation. To avoid paying additional sky-high energy bills, don’t hesitate to call us for an evaluation.

Pilot light is out

If you notice no pilot light flickering in your furnace, the electrical components may be faulty. It may also indicate that the ignition control has failed. In this case, contact us to schedule furnace repair.

No heat

If your furnace suddenly stops working altogether, you may have a problem with the circuits or power supply due to a power surge or a failing older system. Don’t hesitate to call us for an evaluation. We can get your heat back on quickly.

Our staff of fully certified and highly trained HVAC technicians can handle any of these furnace issues quickly and efficiently. We offer annual furnace services to check your system and evaluate any potential problems. If furnace repair is needed, our trucks are stocked and equipped to handle most jobs, and our staff is standing by to service the needs of our Northeastern Ohio customers.