Do I Need a New Furnace Installation?

Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. in Northeastern Ohio can evaluate whether you need a new furnace installation and offer high efficiency solutions.

If your furnace decides to quit this year, we want to keep your family warm during the frigid winter. Our System Design Specialists will walk you through the process of installing a new furnace.  They will provide the options suited to your home while keeping your budget, energy costs and home design in mind. 

Today’s high efficiency furnaces perform up to 30% more efficiently than older furnaces. Older models may operate between a 60% and 80% efficiency rate, while newer models operate at over 90% efficiency. This can make a huge difference in your energy bill, especially as electric, oil and natural gas costs continue to rise.

If you live in the Akron, Canton, or Cleveland area, you are familiar with our cold winters and high energy bills. A new furnace installation is a wise investment and a significant home improvement. Here are several benefits you will notice with a new installation:

  • Newer models are much quieter in operation as compared to older models.

  • The heat they produce is more evenly distributed throughout your home through superior air flow.

  • The temperature is more constant with a new system.

  • By using a programmable thermostat standard on a new system, you can save hundreds of dollars per year.

  • A new system may have a lower BTU rating than an older machine, yet offer superior performance.

  • New systems last longer and typically cost less to repair than older systems, especially if they are regularly maintained.

  • Your home’s resale value is enhanced by the addition of a high-efficiency furnace.

A new furnace doesn’t only save you money in your monthly energy budget. You may also qualify for tax credits or rebates with a newer, efficient system. Check with your accountant for any tax benefits associated with a new furnace installation.

When you install a new furnace, it’s essential to perform scheduled maintenance. Regular repairs and cleanings will keep the unit running efficiently. Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offers annual furnace services to evaluate the system, perform cleanings and tune-ups, troubleshoot any problems, and ensure that carbon monoxide is not leaking into your home.  

Before installation begins, we offer a home energy audit to help you learn where you can make improvements. We will evaluate your home’s insulation and point out areas where you are losing heat around doors or windows. You may need to upgrade your insulation or switch out your windows to improve the efficiency of your new system.

We will fix any gaps in the ductwork to keep the system running smoothly. We may suggest ways you can take advantage of passive solar energy to heat your home. Our home energy audit will make all the difference in your energy bill and maximize the benefits of your new furnace installation.

Many homeowners in Northeastern Ohio have switched from old furnaces to high efficiency systems. They are enjoying lower energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint while experiencing the comfort of a more evenly heated home. 

Are you ready to enjoy these benefits? Give us a call to set up an evaluation. When a technician comes to your door, ask them about the new efficient options available for you.