4 Healthy Spring Recipes

Spring is a time where the weather finally starts to clear up and we want to spend more time outside. Staying healthy is an important aspect of spring—as the season brings new life into plants and flowers, it also brings new life into allergens and pollen. Colds are also more rampant in the spring than almost any other season!

Wilson Plumbing & Heating can help you keep your air quality clean and well-circulating to help prevent colds, but another way you can keep your family in good health is by keeping healthy foods with a wide assortment of vitamins on your dining table.

Try these healthy recipes to bring some of the spring to your table (while staying healthy) this season:


Delish’s Lemon Butter Salmon Pasta

Light, fresh, and delicious—this recipe has everything you could want and more in a spring dish. The best part? You’ll be ready to eat in about an hour with this recipe!


Tasty’s Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Lemon is the flavor of spring! This recipe takes approximately 30 minutes to make and includes a video so you can follow along at home and know exactly what each step should look like.


A Beautiful Mess’ Curried Apple and Almond Salad Sandwich

This recipe is simple, savory, and quick—the perfect lunch for the person who’s always on the go. This dish is savory and filling, so what are you waiting for? Get cooking!


Delish’s Best Strawberry Tart

This dish takes a little longer than our others, but good things come to those who wait! If you’re looking for an excuse to enjoy strawberries in their peak season, this is the dessert for you.

These recipes will help your family stay in good health all season long, but Wilson Plumbing & Heating can make sure your family is living comfortably and healthily year-round! Our indoor air quality services will ensure the bad aspects of outdoor air stay out of your indoor air supply, and once the summer heat hits, our team is standing by to make sure your home stays cool with repairs, maintenance, and emergency services.

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