Hydro Jetting vs Cabling Drains

Advantages of Jetting over Cabling Drains

As a homeowner, few things are more frustrating than a plugged up main sewer line. The interruption to your routine alone is enough to make any homeowner annoyed. However, when it’s coupled with flooding sinks, water damage, and bad smells plugged up drains become more than an irritation, they become a nightmare.

Why Hydro Jetting is More Effective Than Cabling

In most regards, people expect to have a plumber come over with a cable machine and cable out the drains, and although this works there is a better way. When a drain gets cabled a ¾” metal cable goes into a drain and spins around with a pointed end so as to punch through any blocks. It effectively just clears the drains. The alternative is instead to clean the drains back to new with Hydro Jetting.

How Hydro Jetting Works:

A Jetting machine works similar to how a powerwasher works, but operates at a much higher pressure and has special ends for the drain cleaning. With pressures reaching up to 5000 PSI, the qualified person slips a hose into your drain and it self propels the hose into the drain and works as both a battering ram to take care of the clog but the extremely high water pressure also cleans to drains back to nearly new! The high pressure water cleans out minor clogs, grease, small roots and gets the inside of the pipe to a great new condition.

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Is there a DIY Alternative?

Although cabling a drain can be performed by an amateur, Hydro Jetting should only be performed by a professional who is trained with the equipment to do so. To an untrained individual Jetting can cause serious property damage, drain damage and personal harm. With pressures exceeding 3000 PSI, a lot of damage can happen very quickly.

Is Cabling Worth It?

Yes! Some drains like bathtubs and lavatories simply cannot be jetted safely. Even for main drains, cabling is a good solution to eliminate uncommon problems. But when there is a persistent problem or you have never had your drains cleaned with a Jetter it may be time to do it.

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