Choosing a Company to Service & Install Your Boiler

Paul Wilson, Arkon's Boilerman

Post by Akron's Boilerman: Paul Wilson

As I travel the Akron area performing boiler inspections and estimating boiler replacements, I am both appalled and disappointed at the installations that I see. Some are downright hilarious to look at. Some, although working, producing steam and heating a building, simply show the ignorance, incompetence and laziness of the installer.

Original installations from the 1920’s and 30’s normally operated as designed and were mechanically attractive to look at. Those installations, which were often originally coal boilers converted to gas, often lasted well into the 1960’s. When they wore out, that’s when a lot of problems began. Many installers were not paying enough attention to the manuals that came with the boilers. Many installers were warm air furnace installers and figured that they could install a steam boiler too. After all, if you're in the heating business you should be able install a furnace or a boiler, right? I mean, what’s the difference between heating water or air? There can’t be all that much difference, right? Wrong on both counts and if you make the mistake of hiring the wrong company you’ll sure find out that there is a big difference.

Tips for Choosing the Best Boiler Contractor

When you go to choose a boiler contractor, do your homework! Every heating contractor is not a boiler contractor. The Akron area for example, among the dozens of heating contractors, only has one residential boiler contractor, that I know of, that claims to “specialize” in steam boilers and has the credentials to back up the claim. That contractor is Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc.


  1. Call your local boiler distributor/wholesaler who sells boilers to contractors. Ask them who is the most competent contractor in the Akron area, to install boilers.

  2. Akron truly is “boiler country” and some neighborhoods in West Akron, Fairlawn Heights, Cuyahoga Heights and Firestone Park are blessed abundantly with boilers. Ask your neighbors for a reference.

  3. Check your local BBB, Angie’s List and other such services which rate contractors.

  4. Don’t hesitate to ask contractors for plenty of references. A competent boiler contractor should have hundreds of installations in homes, schools, companies and apartment buildings under their belts and should be able to provide you with many references.

Good heating!

Paul Wilson

Wilson Plumbing & Heating Inc.

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